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Zero Utility
2 min readFeb 18, 2021


We are happy to announce the launch of the ZUT “Forge: Immolator”, a universal and dynamic NFT minter!

With this extremely flexible tool, users can mint an NFT that performs an action based on conditions that you set yourself. “The Immolator” is designed to burn an NFT if the holder does not follow the prescribed requirements.

An NFT can destroy itself if the owner falls below a dollar amount, for example. One could even set an NFT on a timer, which can act as an ‘expiration date’ for the ERC-1155.

The number of NFT tools that are currently offered in the market do not compare to the growing interest. At Zero Utility, we are aware of the lingering road blocks that we still face in this industry, which is hardly an its infancy. As a leading NFT/blockchain solution project, ZUT has brought accessibility to tools that are essential for the growth of this space.

Non-Fungible tokens under the ERC1155 Standard have given developers and artists the flexibility to blend on-chain data with multi-layered preferences. In other words, an NFT can do far more than what we previously imagined.

You can access this minter on Ethereum Network as well as on Matic Network for faster speeds and low gas! Stay tuned for our next iteration for “The Immolator”…..“Sentinel”!

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