Zero Utility — 1000 opportunities

There will only ever be 1000 $ZUT. What does that mean? How do I join the syndicate?

Proof of Liquidity Burn:

Upon creating the smart-contract and providing liquidity to Uniswap, we burned all of our Liquidity Pool tokens into the ether; as well as burning the developer keys. This assures our community 100% that ‘devs’ will not dump on them or perform a ‘rug-pull’. On top of that, our developer ‘burn’ wallet has been used as a memorial store of value — increasing the amount of ZUT to never be sold (3%).

Currently, nearly 50% of the holders hold 90 percent of the circulating supply. That means that current distribution is more evenly shared, and there are less fears of mass dumping. Not only that, there is a .3% $ZUT/$ETH fee burned to the liquidity pool for every transaction. The incentive to hodl grows as $ZUT becomes more scarce.


For our V1 induction to our syndicate, holders were instructed to send $ZUT to our burner address in order to be initiated into the community. This sacrifice, which served as a pledge of honor, was honored by a minting of a special NFT for each individual. In the future, we see NFT playing a large roll in authentication, security, and interoperability. This was our first step…

God tier: Holds 15, burned 1(for example) receives rewards, redistribution and most importantly, RARE ZFTs.


For our V2 deployment of tiers, we will be using our Multi-signature wallet to aggregate $ZUT either to the liquidity pool or toward marketing, listings, artists, and minting! Our team of 13 specialists and experts vote on and approve every transaction. This keeps Zero Utility transparent and truly decentralized. Stay tuned as we induct our newest members of the syndicate! Information coming soon…


If you would like to participate in earning rank NOW, provide liquidity for up to 5 days for $ZUT and we will reward you with a RARE ZFT made and crafted specifically for you!

Zero Utility LLC is an NFT solutions driven company building the innovations of tomorrow with blockchain technology