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3 min readOct 16, 2020


Zero Utility Token to Introduce MULTISEND to Public

When faced with a problem, a strong team gathers their resources and teams-up with the best of their counterparts to solve universal issues and confront challenges. Unlike many projects in the crypto sphere, $ZUT and their syndicate of talented developers and artists have decided to solve issues, and create opportunities to build a truly decentralized economic system. As De-Fi continues to rage on with sophisticated ponzi schemes and more and more “rug pools” by the day, it is a hard lesson for many new comers who see the opportunity to gamble and speculate. Many left almost entirely liquidated, A.K.A. ‘rekt’.

At the time of this article, there is currently no easy way to send multiple ERC-20, ERC-721 and ERC-1155 to various addresses. Most airdrops require several transactions with exorbitant gas prices which makes sharing a hassle. That all changes on Monday, October 19 2020, when the Zero Utility team releases their BETA application to the public in a stunning ‘first-move’ in block-chain history.

The Zero Utility team has some serious talent. With talent coming from Major Banks, B2B Software Company, Analytics Companies, Social Media Mobile Applications and E-commerce, there is NO LIMIT to what this team can do. Combining the technological skills of our advanced coders and the expertise of our artists and blockchain specialists, the team has been able to come up with several other solutions that have yet to be solved in the space; including physical NFT.

Leading up to the release of the $ZUT black nickel physical ZFT, there will be a Pre-sale event to reserve your collectible! Unlike most pre-sales, Zero Utility will provide an example of how NFT can be used as a tool for authentication and verification via the blockchain. ERC-1155 NFT will be available for purchase as a reservation, and as a security for your delivered physical ZFT. This is only the first step into our venture with precious metals, as we partner with The Crypto Bates Group to deepen the connection between the tangible and the virtual- we will expand to NFC integration to further enhance security measures while having control of your own keys!

Profits from the NFT Multi-Send will be allocated to the Gnosis: Multi Signature Team Wallet, where funds will be directly redistributed to the Zero Utility Syndicate- which will fund marketing, liquidity, artists, and governance.

$ZUT is extremely excited to be making strides along some of the greatest minds in this field. This will only continue, as their partnership with will go on full-effect in NOV. Zero Utility is JUST getting started!

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