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3 min readFeb 12, 2021

Zero Utility LLC-

Over the span of only six months, the ZUT team has expanded its global reach to include partners and projects from various financial sectors from five Continents. In this short period of time innovations such as the NFT Multisend, Physical NFTs, and several upcoming artist commissions have legitimized Zero Utility Token within it’s cadre as the ‘go-to’ community for resources. ZUT aims to be an industry leading NFT solutions project that provides avenues of navigation and opportunity for artists/developers.

To strengthen our legitimacy and secure our innovations, we have officially formed Zero Utility into a U.S. based company! With the help of our agency, Buffalo Registered Agents, we plan to take a serious step towards enterprises and strengthened partnerships!

New Partnerships -

Collaborations are essential to Zero Utility’s mission. We believe that the crypto-community banded together will spur blockchain mass adoption, as we are already beginning to see:

Block Dualers Token > The first decentralized finance project to create true utility for NFTs by utilizing an ever-evolving dueling platform, with an integrated wager system to bet on the outcome of live duels! The battle platform attaches custom fighting stats to your favorite NFTs.

ZUT will create a Physical NFT $BDT card with our RFID/NFC technology! You will be able to scan your card and immediately view live character data, open native app, and store blockchain data!

Ben Fairbank/$RFOX labs >

As former GM and Advisor to Komodo and current CEO of RedFOX Labs, Fairbank has 20 years of global experience in the Telecommunications, Customer Experience and Contact Centre industry and more than 12 years experience in Senior Management.

RedFOX Labs works to build, launch, and scale high growth ventures in Southeast Asia. Its focus is to unlock the true market potential of the digital economy for high consumer demand services such as e-commerce, e-media, e-travel, and e-sports/gaming.

New Tools and Innovations -

With the help of our L2 collaborator, Polygon (formerly Matic); Zero Utility team will bring dynamic NFTs to both Mainnet and Polygon networks!

NFT FORGE coming soon

Mint NFTs for mere pennies using our Mainnet compatible minter! This is no ordinary tool! with different iterations like the ‘NFT FORGE: Immolator’ and ‘NFT FORGE: Sentinel’, this suite of technologies will allow any user to set dynamic conditions (like burn timers & wallet readers) to easily modify your NFT to your desires!

ZUT Rings

In an exclusive collaboration with Christian Caine Jewelers and the Zero Utility team, we are excited to unite our very own team member @Ilusivesam and his fiance Pongkhi forever on the blockchain! Using our NFC chips and pure solid gold, Sam and Pongkhi can quickly view their permanent NFT on the blockchain, access wedding photos, and launch metamask with a swipe of a the finger! Make sure you read all about the main story in this week’s #22 edition of RedLionEye Gazette ( ).

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Zero Utility

Zero Utility LLC is an NFT solutions driven company building the innovations of tomorrow with blockchain technology