Zero Utility Token — breakthroughs and partnerships abound

The dilution of trust and the amount of fear in the crypto-space seems to have reached a recent all-time high. From projects minting tokens til the demise of its investors ($Bree), to developers using stage fundraisers ($YRock), many would-be participants and investors proclaim that De-Fi is nothing more than a gambling casino. With hardly any projects delivering a sustainable outlook to mass adoption and real world use-case, it is up to Zero Utility to deliver yet another round of innovations for the space and take a step closer towards commerce, security and enterprise.

1.Crypto Bates Group

We are excited to announce our partnership with The Crypto Bates Group, of Manchester U.K. as we begin working together on a patent that will undoubtedly break precedent, and drive the world into mass adoption! As we build our novel physical NFTs, set to release at the beginning of November, we have a rare opportunity to innovate together as we integrate NFC (near field communication) to the blockchain. As we introduce REAL utility to the space, we will continue to lead the frontier toward a truly secure and decentralized enterprise. The Crypto Bates Group collaborates with projects all over the world via events, education, and projects.


We can’t wait to reveal what we are working on with — similar to $ZUT, this is a young group of advanced thinkers who have created an ecosystem where you can mint NFT for FREE! They enable users to create their own platforms as well to sell on other auction sites such as Opensea. These prodigies come from a gaming background and will assist the Zero Utility syndicate in furthering our adoption in the field of NFT for games!

As we build upon our connections and contacts, $ZUT is determined to bring together an entire industry one stroke at a time! We have even more coming at the end of this month — a product we can ALL share ;)

3. Zero Utility is happy to have @moifay (as found on Twitter) as our resident artist! He has pumped out some STELLAR images, already available on Rarible !!!



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Zero Utility

Zero Utility

Zero Utility LLC is an NFT solutions driven company building the innovations of tomorrow with blockchain technology