Zero Utility Token: Building the ‘Multisend’ on the Matic Network

Zero Utility
2 min readDec 4, 2020

In early September 2020, the Zero Utility team put their hard working developers and creative minds together to take on the task to create a fully featured, user friendly, affordable ERC compatible multisender. Since then, this tool has been an invaluable asset to many $ZUT endeavors, and more importantly - very useful to our collaborators and partners! The ‘NFT Multisend’ is now able to send ERC-20, ERC-1155, and ERC-721 token types with features like Token ID search and more! (

As we add to the features of ‘Multisend’ and build more $ZUT products (and eventually games), we look to expand our knowledge and reach with faster speeds and interoperability. We are more than elated to announce our newest partner, MATIC NETWORK, will bring Zero Utility Token on board its Layer-2 blockchain solution to Buidl the future of NFT art and gaming! We are excited to create our multisender on one of the fastest growing chains for NFTs in the industry!

MATIC NETWORK is the only chain solution that has CHAINLINK integration with the Ethereum Network. This makes chain-to-chain transfers possible with their EVM compatible platform at very fast speeds (65k txn/sec)! This helps sustain a competitive gaming experience where Decentraland, TradeStars and other top performing crypto games are beginning to emerge. It is no wonder they have nearly $100 Million market-cap!

With this partnership we hope to reach the 100s of thousands of MATIC users already enjoying the network as well as help introduce the best of Ethereum based art to a fast, reliable and decentralized chain!

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