Zero Utility Token Sends It: NFT MULTISEND is now LIVE

Seemingly out of thin air, the Zero Utility Syndicate has once again delivered an innovation to the crypto scene that will never be forgotten. Instead of only being able to send ‘certain’ types of Non-Fungible tokens to a single address at a time, $ZUT has pioneered in it’s cause by providing the entire world with access to ERC-20, ERC-721 and ERC-1155 multi-send capabilities. Providing this tool will decrease the cost of sharing art and performing airdrops drastically! With features like, CSV file export, Token ID search, and $ZUT payment option and more— This will also open the door to the team’s next venture, as they sprint full speed towards becoming the next NFT DFO to look out for.

Designed and operated by top developers- NFT MULTISEND is one of Zero Utility’s many initiative projects aimed at prioritizing mass adoption. This tightly knit group of diverse enthusiasts are expanding rapidly, after only one month in operation! With this project complete, Zero Utility is moving full-steam ahead with its next TWO projects, slated to begin in the month of November. Joining the Syndicate as an investor has a required minimum holding of 2$ZUT — however, the team invites experts and emerging artists to join in exchange for collaboration! The benefits of joining range from exclusive updates, DFO governance, frequent NFT Airdrops, and much more.

Join the telegram and follow @Utilityzero on twitter, as $ZUT prepares to #SENDIT to the moon!

Graphic art by Syndicate artists: Dominic Reign

Zero Utility LLC is an NFT solutions driven company building the innovations of tomorrow with blockchain technology