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3 min readMar 4, 2021

ZUZ Protocol is being constructed with the combined expertise of Zero Utility team and partners with the shared ambition to bring efficiency, privacy, and value to the NFT market. $ZUZ is the expansion and culmination of Zero Utility products, which have brought accessibility to the masses with every innovation. Our mission has grown both in size and in meaning, as we strive to identify solutions.

ZUZ Protocol will roll out in phases, starting on the Ethereum and Polygon (formerly Matic) networks. From ZUZ NFT and product subscriptions to off-chain transactions and marketplaces, Zero Utility is taking a giant leap forward!

i. Token Launch;
The launch of ZUZ will immediately begin the ZUZ Subscription Program; where users will be able to subscribe to the Zero Utility tools by holding a permissioned NFT (and <250–500 ZUZ). Each month we will rebate gas and user fees to subscribers. ZUZ will launch on Uniswap and Quickswap respectively, allowing users to on-board via either network and earn ZUZ for providing liquidity in the earliest stages of the ZUZ Protocol. With a total supply of 1.6 Million and nearly 60% locked away for distribution, we are confident that ZUZ will extend the capabilities of our existing infrastructure & make room for more innovations.

ii. Zeus Protocol and Zero Utility branding
We are excited to have Evimero Interactive marketing team assisting us in the redesign and brand DNA of Zero Utility LLC. With industry leading clients, Evimero is poised to push Zeus Protocol to the highest levels of marketing professionalism. Learn more*


As ZUZ Protocol becomes the outer tier of the ecosystem, ZUT is slated to remain as a store of value for Syndicate Membership and other forms of governance .

iii. Gasless staking and Polygon integration
On the Polygon Network, it goes without saying that their L2 solution to scale Ethereum has opened many opportunities. As marketplaces like Opensea.io and Arkane Network prepare to launch on Polygon, we will be readily in position to launch Zeus NFT.

With our specialized minter and multisender, ZUZ will be airdropped to the holders of our launch NFT for 12 months! Rewards are also allotted for liquidity providers over the course of three years which will allow the supply to slowly disperse equally among the community over time.


iv.Fractionalized NFT / Zeus Protocol
With Zeus Protocol, we plan to innovate NFT sharding, Private NFT ownership, and physical/digital asset lending. With our illustrious team of developers and enterprise professionals, Zeus will be a decentralized native platform built for speed, private ownership, and most importantly — NFTs! This move will allow us to bridge between multiple blockchains and exchanges for fully scaled adoption.

Sponsors include Dextools.io

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