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2 min readFeb 2, 2021

The $ZUT team is incredibly excited to announce our newest strategic partnership with Biconomy! Alongside Biconomy, ZUT integration onto the Matic Network will be evermore seamless than previously imagined. Not only will transaction mapping be expedited for the Multisend, gas fees for all transactions will now be FREE!

Biconomy is a technology company building transaction infrastructure for next-generation web 3 applications. Through Biconomy’s powerful and easy to use APIs, developers can enable a simple and customized transaction journey so that their end users don’t get frustrated by blockchain complexities.


The ZUT powered Multisend has been a go-to tool for nearly a dozen of our partners that perform airdrops, IDOs, and token launches on the Ethereum Network. With the ZUT Multisend being built on the Matic Network, users will finally be able to evade immense gas fees on the current Ethereum Network. This solution means that sending a bulky NFT airdrop, or even token launches will no longer incur hundreds of dollars in gas fees… In fact, gas is FREE! This integration has also created an ‘NFT bridge’ for the two networks. Now, an NFT minted on the Matic Network can now travel (swiftly) to the Ethereum Mainnet which can interact and participate in either blockchain. NFTs on Decentraland marketplace could now be sent over to Rarible, for example!


Biconomy has ongoing partnerships with several industry-wide leaders, including:

Curve Fincance, Origin Protocol, Arkane Network, and Matic to name only a few. With their subscription based platform, anyone can seamlessly port their project using Biconomy’s advanced APIs.

Keep a look-out for the release of the ‘Biconomy Subscriber' NFT when our new, fully-featured Multisend launches: FEBRUARY 28th 2021

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