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3 min readNov 29, 2020

The Zero Utility Team is on a mission to establish the Pantheon of NFT projects! Through our collaborations, we will fuse the power of our combined tech, art, and finances to innovate as a conglomerate with infinite possibilities. Alongside our partners at Rugz Finance, $NOOB and GYSR.io, we have built a multi-team staking pool to farm $ZURU for up-gradable, animated NFT by specialized artists.

We are excited to now add $GVY — Groovy.Finance to the $ZURU staking pool!

This a very important partnership, as it will consist of tech, art, and finance collaborations.


GVY is a very understated project that is accomplishing milestones under the radar. Groovy.FINANCE is an innovative protocol that employs Blockchain and distributed ledger technology to empower artists and musicians and give them a vehicle for monetizing their art in a fair and transparent way by allowing artists to mint, sell and license master copies of their art for cryptocurrency, regardless of their country of residence and without middlemen.

Zero Utility will employ this technology and their music and art will also be added to the $ZURU NFT farming pool! Groovy Finance also creates physical and digital vinyls accompanied by ORIGINAL music by well-known artists!

The main idea is to wrap a license to a piece of art (in our case, a piece of music) into a Non-Fungible Token (NFT), a unique type of token (ERC-721 or ERC-1155 standard) that is a one-of-a-kind-token which can be transferred from one person to another or staked in a smart contract to perform specific, pre-programmed functions, like minting licensed copies (so-called “cNFTS”) in exchange for cryptocurrency and distributing the proceeds to the creators and distributors in a fair, transparent and immutable way by using the properties of the Ethereum blockchain. This way, artists are enabled to monetise their art directly by selling or licensing (i.e. allowing for licensed copying) it to potential buyers and investors.”

Keep a look out for ZUT Music and Vinyl art in the near future!

You can earn $ZURU now by staking your $ZUT pair LP tokens from Uniswap on GYSR.io !

$ZUT/$GVY- https://app.gysr.io/geyser/0x4fEd03aD8141D56a1E17d1C9D4C0D87d9F71Be7a

$ZUT/$RUGZ- https://app.gysr.io/geyser/0x45c50488Da13FD0aD73885AF3CF07C4Ec4E75773


…more pairs coming soon!

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