$ZUT collaborates with weekly NFT Magazine: Red Lion Eye Gazette

Zero Utility
2 min readNov 29, 2020

What better way to make use of the ZUT universal NFT Multisend, than to offer a WEEKLY airdrop? That’s exactly what the Red Lion Eye Gazette has done! Owners of the weekly featured MAGAZINE will receive an automatic airdrop (or ARTdrop) of the featured artist, which includes crypto news, art, politics and gossip! We are grateful for this collaboration in a time where news is shared on very few platforms.


Already on it’s 10th issue, this project has now found a better, faster and cheaper way to send these NFT ARTdrops to the masses thanks to the Zero Utililty powered Multisend ( https://nft-multi-send.web.app/ ). Each week, artists can apply to have their art featured on the cover of the Gazette. The only way to receive the airdrop is by purchasing the the Magazine, Red Lion Gazette! This is a truly meaningful way to promote up-and-coming digital art, as well as decentralize the way we receive information.


You can purchase the 10th article NOW by visiting their website: https://redlion.news/

Follow their twitter and tag $ZUT for a chance to win an upcoming issue!



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