ZUZ: A Gas-less and Dynamic NFT Staking Eco-System

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4 min readFeb 24, 2021

Since the inception of Zero Utility Token in early September 2020, ZUT has continually delivered power-house tools and innovations, while providing a platform to dozens of artists thus far. We are now taking things one step further! After successfully building the first NFT Multisend(https://nft-multi-send.web.app/) and the Dynamic NFT minter ‘The Forge’(https://nft-forge.netlify.app/), Zero Utility now has the tools to expand its ecosystem and innovate once again with our newest token addition. We introduce: $ZUZ …

https://app.bounce.finance/fixed-swap/5295 ←←Whitelist password: ZUT0

ZUZ Token logo by: Ceyanon

Thanks to our pantheon of partners and developers, the ZUZ token will have very unique utilities. From the ZUZ Subscription NFT, to our immediate partnerships with other protocols, we have maximized efficiency while creating growing value! ZUZ demonstrates Proof-of-Subscription.

  • Minted with the NFT Forge, users will be able to hold one Zeus NFT *if their wallet contains at least (.1) $ZUT. The NFT will auto-destruct forever if wallet falls below (.1) $ZUT. Scarce and fragile!!
  • There are only 166 ZEUS NFT
  • The NFT Multisend will perform the $ZUZ airdrops to NFT holders every 30 days *approx. Each performance is paid for in $ZUT.
  • Zeus NFT will be available on popular marketplaces such as Opensea.io, Rarible.io etc…
  • Proceeds from Zeus NFT purchases will go toward purchasing art work by emerging artists, and displayed in the ZUT gallery.
  • ZUZ will be the ZUT governance treasury token.
  • ZUZ will be the new LP rewards for ZUT staking on Quickswap!
  • A portion of ZUZ will be allocated for marketing, listings and development for the newly formed Zero Utility LLC.
  • ZUZ will be added as a subscription payment option on Zero Utility tools*sNFT.

*Subscription service NFT technology

https://zeroutility.medium.com/mint-with-the-nft-forge-immolator-9faa6efbbd56 ←← read about The NFT Forge


The total supply of 1.6 million ZUZ tokens are designed to support the vast ecosystem that is Zero Utility. Whether its for quick, gas-free staking on Polygon network or LP rewards, ZUZ is built to assist in the growth of Zero Utility. As customary, liquidity will be locked on Unicrypt for two+ years following listing on exchanges. 570,000 $ZUZ are allocated for over-time distribution.

“ZUT aims to be an industry leading, NFT-solutions project that provides avenues of navigation and opportunity for artists & developers alike. Zero Utility has deployed a suite of NFT tools, comissioned well-known artists, and maintains over a dozen collaborators that have brought universal innovations to the hands of many. Our mission involves active partnerships as a way to ‘think tank’. In the last six months, we have already done just that!”

-Jared Allan, COO

Join Zero Utility in this monumental journey into our next phase of innovation! We are excited to continue building the future of NFTs!

Whitelist is currently open on bounce:
Password- ZUT0

Learn more and interact with us 24/7 on Telegram!


Thank you to our sponsors and supporters around the world!

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