ZUZ: A Gas-less and Dynamic NFT Staking Eco-System

  • Minted with the NFT Forge, users will be able to hold one Zeus NFT *if their wallet contains at least (.1) $ZUT. The NFT will auto-destruct forever if wallet falls below (.1) $ZUT. Scarce and fragile!!
  • There are only 166 ZEUS NFT
  • The NFT Multisend will perform the $ZUZ airdrops to NFT holders every 30 days *approx. Each performance is paid for in $ZUT.
  • Zeus NFT will be available on popular marketplaces such as Opensea.io, Rarible.io etc…
  • Proceeds from Zeus NFT purchases will go toward purchasing art work by emerging artists, and displayed in the ZUT gallery.
  • ZUZ will be the ZUT governance treasury token.
  • ZUZ will be the new LP rewards for ZUT staking on Quickswap!
  • A portion of ZUZ will be allocated for marketing, listings and development for the newly formed Zero Utility LLC.
  • ZUZ will be added as a subscription payment option on Zero Utility tools*sNFT.


Whitelist is currently open on bounce:
Password- ZUT0



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