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Since the inception of Zero Utility Token in early September 2020, ZUT has continually delivered power-house tools and innovations, while providing a platform to dozens of artists thus far. We are now taking things one step further! After successfully building the first NFT Multisend(https://nft-multi-send.web.app/) and the Dynamic NFT minter ‘The Forge’(https://nft-forge.netlify.app/), Zero Utility now has the tools to expand its ecosystem and innovate once again with our newest token addition. We introduce: $ZUZ …

https://app.bounce.finance/fixed-swap/5295 ←←Whitelist password: ZUT0

ZUZ Token logo by: Ceyanon

Thanks to our pantheon of partners and developers, the ZUZ token will have very unique utilities. From…

Zero Utility LLC-

Over the span of only six months, the ZUT team has expanded its global reach to include partners and projects from various financial sectors from five Continents. In this short period of time innovations such as the NFT Multisend, Physical NFTs, and several upcoming artist commissions have legitimized Zero Utility Token within it’s cadre as the ‘go-to’ community for resources. ZUT aims to be an industry leading NFT solutions project that provides avenues of navigation and opportunity for artists/developers.

To strengthen our legitimacy and secure our innovations, we have officially formed Zero Utility into a U.S. based company! With the…

The Zero Utility Team is on a mission to establish the Pantheon of NFT projects! Through our collaborations, we will fuse the power of our combined tech, art, and finances to innovate as a conglomerate with infinite possibilities. Alongside our partners at Rugz Finance, $NOOB and GYSR.io, we have built a multi-team staking pool to farm $ZURU for up-gradable, animated NFT by specialized artists.

We are excited to now add $GVY — Groovy.Finance to the $ZURU staking pool!

This a very important partnership, as it will consist of tech, art, and finance collaborations.


GVY is a very understated project…

What better way to make use of the ZUT universal NFT Multisend, than to offer a WEEKLY airdrop? That’s exactly what the Red Lion Eye Gazette has done! Owners of the weekly featured MAGAZINE will receive an automatic airdrop (or ARTdrop) of the featured artist, which includes crypto news, art, politics and gossip! We are grateful for this collaboration in a time where news is shared on very few platforms.


Already on it’s 10th issue, this project has now found a better, faster and cheaper way to send these NFT ARTdrops to the masses thanks to the Zero Utililty…

Zero Utility Token to Introduce MULTISEND to Public

When faced with a problem, a strong team gathers their resources and teams-up with the best of their counterparts to solve universal issues and confront challenges. Unlike many projects in the crypto sphere, $ZUT and their syndicate of talented developers and artists have decided to solve issues, and create opportunities to build a truly decentralized economic system. As De-Fi continues to rage on with sophisticated ponzi schemes and more and more “rug pools” by the day, it is a hard lesson for many new comers who see the opportunity to gamble and…

ZUZ Protocol is being constructed with the combined expertise of Zero Utility team and partners with the shared ambition to bring efficiency, privacy, and value to the NFT market. $ZUZ is the expansion and culmination of Zero Utility products, which have brought accessibility to the masses with every innovation. Our mission has grown both in size and in meaning, as we strive to identify solutions.

ZUZ Protocol will roll out in phases, starting on the Ethereum and Polygon (formerly Matic) networks. From ZUZ NFT and product subscriptions to off-chain transactions and marketplaces, Zero Utility is taking a giant leap forward!

We are happy to announce the launch of the ZUT “Forge: Immolator”, a universal and dynamic NFT minter!


With this extremely flexible tool, users can mint an NFT that performs an action based on conditions that you set yourself. “The Immolator” is designed to burn an NFT if the holder does not follow the prescribed requirements.

An NFT can destroy itself if the owner falls below a dollar amount, for example. One could even set an NFT on a timer, which can act as an ‘expiration date’ for the ERC-1155.

The number of NFT tools that are currently offered in…


The $ZUT team is incredibly excited to announce our newest strategic partnership with Biconomy! Alongside Biconomy, ZUT integration onto the Matic Network will be evermore seamless than previously imagined. Not only will transaction mapping be expedited for the Multisend, gas fees for all transactions will now be FREE!

Biconomy is a technology company building transaction infrastructure for next-generation web 3 applications. Through Biconomy’s powerful and easy to use APIs, developers can enable a simple and customized transaction journey so that their end users don’t get frustrated by blockchain complexities.

In early September 2020, the Zero Utility team put their hard working developers and creative minds together to take on the task to create a fully featured, user friendly, affordable ERC compatible multisender. Since then, this tool has been an invaluable asset to many $ZUT endeavors, and more importantly - very useful to our collaborators and partners! The ‘NFT Multisend’ is now able to send ERC-20, ERC-1155, and ERC-721 token types with features like Token ID search and more! (https://nft-multi-send.web.app/)

As we add to the features of ‘Multisend’ and build more $ZUT products (and eventually games), we look to expand…


“The Symbol of ETH embodies the Spear of ZUT.”

After only two weeks into a partnership with Xenum.io, Zero Utility Token team has made yet another innovative step into the future! NFT functionalities are boundless, and this group of specialists are determined to demonstrate the many ways decentralized finance can enhance and secure art property. By adding an amount of Ethereum within a contract, the burn function can call upon a withdraw, which will in-turn increase the scarcity of the NFT.

This opens the door to many everyday use-cases! Such as:

  • Gift Cards
  • Lottery and giveaway
  • Easter Egg Hunts
  • Gaming…

Zero Utility

Zero Utility LLC is an NFT solutions driven company building the innovations of tomorrow with blockchain technology

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